Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blogging Guidelines & Tips

After teaching a class on blogging, my students and I came up with some blogging ceation rules. Here is what we discussed:

1. Consider colours that provoke certain feelings for your blog e.g. red for excitement or green for calm
2. Add graphics or pictures to break up long blocks of text
3. Try to add links to reputable websites that support your ideas or topics e.g.
4. Take the time to plan, write and edit your posts so they are easy to read

Please feel free to add some other tips to this list on creating blogs.

Happy blogging!

Ms. Kim


  1. the design is very nice, I really like the books on the side they introduce a lot of color to the page. you should be a little bit more active on here maybe post a couple of informative paragraphs but other than that I like it very much.

  2. Kamaria - I like the color and design-it's simple. The text is matter of fact and I found it helpful. Maybe if you check the spelling. I like this blog overall.

    Rain - I like the color because it matches the topic. I like the books because it gave a lot of color to the page. I liked the post because it was short and and really understanding.

  3. Love the idea of your blog. I will be following, hoping to get my kids interested in writing.

  4. Great blogging tips. I would also add try and reduce the length. Many people write long winded blog posts that nobody has time to read. I once took a blogging workshop that suggested after you write your blog post to reduce the word count by 10%. I try to do this and it's amazing how much you can cut out, without taking away from the content.

  5. Really like the simplistic look of your blog and the nice bright colours. Cute graphic too!

  6. Great tips and love the look of your site!